The Atlantic Hurricane Season is Ramping Up, What This Means for Florida

Florida has been hit by the hurricane weather successively for a 10 years record starting from 2005. The hurricane season in Florida typically last from the 1st of June to 30th November with August being the most active months. There have been 37 hurricanes that hit Florida up to date and the busiest year was 2010 in which there was reportedly 19 storms and 12 hurricanes. This year, it is predicted that there will be a bit more hurricane weather compared to last year.

The year 2005 has the worst hurricane season as of the mid 19th century, as the area was destroyed by a strong hurricane that is Category 3 or higher. Category 3 hurricanes has wind speed that move at about 111 mph. A medium serious hurricane would have wind that reach as fast as 74 mph or more. The wind in a tropical storm would travel at a speed of 39 mph. When the wind travels at a greater speed, it can turn into a hurricane with winds moving at a faster speed.

There are a bit of variations in the hurricane season predictions for Florida in 2016. Some of the channels that have made predictions for Florida hurricane season are NOAA, The Weather Channel, Accuweather and Colorado State University. NOAA predicts 10 – 16 named storms will take place. In addition, they also predict that there may be 4 – 8 hurricanes with at least 1 – 4 hurricanes transforming into the major hurricanes. The Weather Channel that is owned by IBM predicts that there will be 14 named storms. They predict that there will be 8 storms that turn into hurricanes with at least 3 of them turning into major hurricanes.

The forecast does not guarantee that the storms or hurricane will hit Florida. They could probably or probably not hit Florida this year. Despite that, residents in Florida should be well prepared to face the hurricane season no matter what. Those who are planning to have vacation in Florida should make sure that they have adequate travel insurance coverage. In this way, you can get a refund of your air ticket in the event that your flight was canceled due to the hurricane storm.

You must buy the insurance at least 1 day prior to the occurrence of the hurricane in order to be qualified for the refund. You should always be paying attention to the weather forecast channel about the weather in Florida if you plan to visit there soon. It is advised that you don’t visit Florida if there are tropical storms. Tropical storms are not as dangerous as hurricanes but it will cause heavy downpour of rains that last for many days. The rain which lasted for several days could affect your vacation. Sometimes, weak storm can cause a lot of damages especially when the strong wind is passing by slowly.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Water Damage Restoration

    How long does it take to get rid of water damage?

    The answer to this question depends on the severity of the water damage. If the damage is severe, it may take weeks or even months to repair. If the damage is minor, it may only take a few days to fix.

    What happens if you leave water damage?

    Leaving water damage untreated will cause progressive damage to building materials and will lead to mold growth.

    How much does it cost to fix water damage

    The cost of fixing water damage can vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage and the type of materials affected. Some repairs may be as simple as drying out wet materials and allowing them to air out, while others may require more extensive work such as replacing drywall or flooring.

    Do all insurance companies cover water damage?

    Most insurance companies will cover water damage as long as it is not caused by flooding. Flooding is typically not covered by insurance policies. Basement flooding from sewer backups, may be covered if the property owners has secured an endorsement to their policy.

    Should you replace drywall or sheetroick if it gets wet?

    If the drywall or sheetrock gets wet, you should replace it, this is the safest way to ensure you will not encounter future mold growth.

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