Boston Area Dealing With Flooding From Weekend Storms

While the warmer temperatures across New England are being welcomed by millions of residents who are relieved spring is finally on its way, a slow moving storm system is dumping heavy rainfall amounts across that region to cause flooding concerns. It’s being feared that soaking rainfall combined with melting snow could lead to the rapid rise of some creeks, rivers and streams across many portions of the Northeast.

In Griggstown, New Jersey, the level of a local river soared from 4 feet during the afternoon hours of Saturday to 13 feet by early Sunday which lead to moderate flooding. The rainfall that is soaking New England will continue to press on through the region to Nova Scotia through early this week. This sluggish moving system will result in some areas getting heavy rain which could very well lead to flash flooding in low lying and poor drainage areas as well as along waterways. While the rain is expected to stop by Tuesday, the flood threat will continue as run-off from the weekend rainfall will flow downstream to cause possible serious flooding in many areas.

The National Weather Service said on Sunday that southern Maine and New Hampshire could see some minor coastal flooding as well as flooding caused by ice jams and snowmelt in inland rivers. The weather service issued numerous flood watches for many areas across New England Sunday as 2 to 3 inches of rain is expected to fall through late Monday with some isolated areas getting even more.

The NWS also warned home and business owners that basement flooding is very possible this week due to not only the rainfall but because the ground is still partially frozen which means it has a harder time absorbing all the water. Luckily, most of the larger rivers in New England are currently running low. However, smaller creeks and streams will need to be carefully watched and especially in those areas that receive more than 3 inches of rain.

As people in the East will be preparing for possible flooding due to the rainfall that part of the country is getting, folks living in the northern Plains and Upper Midwest will be bracing for yet another blast of winter weather. This is due to a low pressure system coming out of the central Rockies that’s moving eastward. To the north of this system, there’s enough cold air present to produce very heavy snow and blizzard conditions that could affect a large area extending from southern/eastern North Dakota to central and northern Minnesota. It is possible that some areas in that part of the country could get a foot or more of snow from this new system.